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The monitoring data from China Electronic Commerce Research Center shows that by the end of 2012, the transaction scale of Chinese e-commerce market has reached RMB 7.85 trillion with a year-on-year growth of 30.83%. Among them, B2B e-commerce transaction volume amounts to RMB 6.25 trillion with a year-on-year growth of 27%; the transaction volume of online retail market reaches RMB 1.3205 trillion with a year-on-year growth of 64.7%.
With the rapid development of Internet, e-commerce is subverting our production and lifestyle with its strong vitality. “E-commerce Era” has quietly come; as an economic operation model enterprise management innovation, e-commerce will bring great effects and opportunities; under such particular circumstance, Haiyu Co., Ltd. sets up its e-commerce department and promotes the e-commerce development to the strategic level of the company to select a sales platform that can match the company's development.
1. Give full play to the brand. “Haiyu” brand plays a very important pull role in the e-commerce operation; a growing number of consumers do not pay attention to the price, but also consider the brand. Therefore, in the process of traditional enterprises entering into e-commerce operation, we must consider the characteristics that brand can spread on the Internet, such as unmatched timeliness and Allzeitlichkeit, the massiveness and openness of disseminated information, the bi-direction and interactivity of communication process, the virtuality of communication form and so on. The design of brand VI, product packaging design, the selection of propaganda approach and many other aspects must be fully taken into account to make it quickly become a prominent brand online.
2. Combined the features online and offline to select the core representative product. Any sales methods and channels should be on centered on the best products in order to make netizen buy and even like the products and remember the enterprise. The production line that traditional enterprises operate offline is not necessarily suitable on the Internet. The super products offline are not necessarily sold best. At the same time, we need to consider the influence of selling online on selling offline, if the product combination and price will have an influence on the stable market share offline and on the vested interests of the current offline distributors. Thus, we must re-position the combination of product lines by e-commerce, including product appearance, price, profit rate, packaging and other aspects. We are focused on providing good products, even if we need to re-position and design our products.
3. Personalized service and experience will be effective competitive power. Service and experience are the driving force of e-commerce enterprises. Under the condition of product homogeneity, service and experience are particularly important. E-commerce will redefine the future shopping habits of consumers. The e-commerce of traditional enterprises is actually an innovative process of improving sales strategies, re-establishing sales channels and then improving the overall enterprise architecture, which is an unstoppable historical pace and will constantly lead the enterprises to upgrade, thereby leading the upgrading of the whole industry and economy.
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