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Core concept

Core concept

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From to wear rags silk clothing China clothes in flourishing age time immemorial , pursue bright comfortable living environment since mankind born. The shoes are bearing the weight of the human life as an indispensable part in people's life, extending the civilized footprint . However, it was uncomfortable with the tribulation that an allusion of " trimming the feet to fit the shoes " declared publicly how human both feet have been ever received . . . . . .
People , space of sea , make liberating the human both feet as one's own duty, is it make to order comfortable beautiful shoes for every two feet to devoted to. Then, we have sea space leather shoes, from then on, we needn't " trim the feet to fit the shoes " again ......For over ten years, the sea space shoes industry live up to the people's expectations, with the masses of consumers' hope ----" the style is new , high in quality, the price is reasonable " is putting out the products making consumers satisfied constantly as the standard of the products. " people first, quality has gone ahead of the rest ", have already become the marrow of company's corporate culture of sea space gradually. The sea space shoes industry devote the society with the love , by creating the eternity sincerely.
Haiyu purpose :To maintain first-level management and build an superior image,To forge an excellent company, produce quality products and yield the best economic returns
Haiyu spirit :do what thought  strive to do best
Haiyu thought :take honesty as the roots take credit as glory emphasizeon brand and quality
Haiyu image slogan :Haiyu limitless sincerity
Haiyu advertising slogan :Haiyu leather shoe let you succeed as soon as possible.

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Create the world's functional protective shoes aircraft carrier to create a happy paradise for employees

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