July 16 SFC company president and his party to visit the company to discuss business

On July 16, Mr. Matt Smith, president of SHOES FOR CREWS, LLC and Mr. Brighton Wang, vice president and his entourage, visited Haoyu Industrial Park. Huang Yu-ping, chairman of Haiyu shares and international trade manager Mr. Li Bin accompanied the inspection.
Chairman Huang Zuping welcomed Mr. Matt Smith and his entourage to perfect the company. Accompanied by Chairman Huang Zuping, Mr. Matt Smith, President of SHOES FOR CREWS, LLC visited the cutting workshop, sewing workshop, molding workshop and injection workshop of Haoyu Industrial Park and finally visited our new project of polymer materials Workshop, and give the product a high rating.
Subsequently, the two sides held a cordial and friendly negotiation on how to further strengthen cooperation. Mr. Matt Smith said that with the cooperation with Haiyu, we can see that both parties will get more development in overseas high-end labor insurance shoes market in the future. Therefore, we hope to reach further cooperation intention with Haiyu Stock Co., Ltd. to achieve strong United, complement each other and further explore the international market.