Hai Yu Footwear Technology Innovation Project and the identification of scientific and technological achievements will be a succ

Shandong Haiyu Footwear Co., Ltd. technological innovation projects and scientific and technological achievements appraisal acceptance will be successful According to Lu Jing Mao Ji Zi [2009] No. 330, "issued on the first batch of Shandong Province technological innovation project plan notice" Haiyu Company "HY Series Health Functional Shoes "and" NM09 Series Nano-modified Antibacterial and Deodorant Gel for Shoes ", which have been listed into the first batch of provincial-level technological innovation projects in 2009 [Code: 200910507026], [Code: 200910507027] Into the market research demonstration began, after many tests and improvements, in July 2009 prototype trial completed. By the Shandong Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission, commissioned by the Shandong Provincial Science and Technology Department, Weifang City Science and Technology Bureau, Weifang City Economic and Trade Commission and held in December 19, 2009 in Gaomi City, hosted by Shandong Haiyu Footwear Co., Ltd. commitment to development "HY series of health shoes", "NM09 series of nano-modified anti-bacterial deodorant shoes shoes" acceptance meeting. The experts from Yuchangchang, Chen Nianhui, Yu Kaixin, Xin Dongsheng, Zhang Hongping, Li Yanchun and Hu Zhengshui of the appraisal and acceptance committee listened to the research reports made by the research institutes and conducted inquiries. After thorough discussion, they formed the appraisal opinions: appraisal and acceptance The committee agreed that the project is in line with the national industrial policy and market demand, high-tech products, reached the leading domestic level. Hai Yu Shoes to increase marketing efforts to create higher economic and social benefits. Haoyu Shoes always adheres to the scientific and technological innovation concept of "science and technology as the driving force and quality as the survival", unswervingly develops new products, explores new techniques and technologies, improves product quality, and strives for an innovative line with Haiyu characteristics .