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Hai Yu shoes to actively face the economic crisis

On March 18, nine vice-ministers of Iraqi logistics department visited our company and negotiated business. All employees of the company received the warm hospitality of customers, first of all in the conference room company leaders with them based on the quality, quantity and requirements of a wide range of negotiations, and then went to the workshop were inspected, the whole process of shoe-making was tested, after Meticulous inspection and inspection, the customer of our product processing quality and technology to give high praise, and I signed a 600,000 list, also said that the future will continue to cooperate. Faced with the grim situation of the global economic crisis, many exporters cut their staff costs, cut costs and reduced their costs. Factories such practices have only been tight-knit and shrinking their food. In the absence of food, enterprises are still struggling with over-experienced psychology . However, the economic crisis does not have much impact on our company. In this situation, our company gives our employees more confidence and hope. It starts from adjusting the internal production structure to reduce production cost, increase production efficiency, save production cost and increase economic efficiency of the enterprise , Intensify study and work together with staff, intensify production, introduce technology and production equipment, expand recruitment of workers and continue cooperation with old and new customers based on the principle of good faith cooperation, quality and credit first, Optimistic and confidently facing the economic crisis, we must know that this crisis is temporary rather than permanent. "The world will be bound together for a long time to come and break in a long time." The economic crisis is only an inevitable law of society and an economic self-adjustment process. Fallen is just some flashy foundation of the flashy businesses, stand up but it will be more strong and upright in the storm. Shelley, the British poet, said: "Winter is coming, can spring be far behind?" Would like more companies to position themselves, bouncing higher in this turmoil trough, ushering in the spring of business ......