Hai Yu Shandong famous brand successful renewal

In 2009 Hai Yu Shandong famous brand renewal success In the Trade and Industry Bureau leaders, municipal government departments with the strong support of Haiyu company in 2009 to seriously implement the scientific concept of development, according to the municipal government "brand legislation" and "three A group of "strategic objectives for the development of the requirements, strengthen measures, step up efforts to carry out the implementation of trademark strategic activities, striving to Chi (a) famous trademark has achieved fruitful results. The company was recognized as a famous trademark in Shandong Province in 2006 and has been successfully renewed this year. Haiyu company will cherish the honor, guard against arrogance and impatience, redouble their efforts, as an opportunity to give full play Chi (a) brand name role, improve product quality and reputation, safeguarding the corporate image and continuously enhance the market competitiveness, and further Enterprises stronger and bigger. Improve the visibility and influence of enterprises and make new and positive contributions to the sound and rapid economic development of the city.